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What I've been doing lately

HFMA conference videos

Development of assets for the Xtend Healthcare booth, marketing promotion, and social media posts leading up to the conference in June. Here's the booth video.

Adjunct Professor

I recently finished up a semester teaching junior and senior animation students a Tracking & Rotoscoping class at Lesley University. I was impressed by some cool final projects that creatively combined what the students learned throughout the course.

Drums lessons (for the boy)

My 6 year old son recently began drum lessons. It's been a joy to bring him once a week and be able to sit in and see him actively engaging and learning to play. He learned his first few beast with a fill and he's excited to return for more each time.
I selfishly daydream about jamming with him in the not too distant future 🎶

All in on the C's

Anyone who talks to me on a regular basis knows I'm a massive Celtics and NBA fan. I'm engrossed in all the goings on of the team and league during the season and even in the off-season. These playoffs have been thrilling and I'm enjoying the parity and competition. I watch the games mostly with my son, who knows more about the team and players than most adults I chat with :)

"WE DID IT!!!" ☘️ 🏆

Updated June 21, 2024 from the Boston, MA area.
This page is inspired by the
Now Project by Derek Sivers.

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