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VFX & Video Editing

Boys and Girls Club -
Navient Volunteer Event

Footage edited from a volunteer event in Philadelphia. Created for promotional use for social.
(Video Editing/Color Grading, Audio Editing/Production, Motion  Graphics)

[Premiere Pro]

Chicago Rot VFX - License Pate Replacement 

License plate replacement for the car of the main character in the film, Chicago Rot. The original plates were from California and needed to be digitally replaced to appear to be Illinois plates. Additionally, the director requested the plates to read "EIE 131", which is code for, "Everything In Everything" and the numbers are significant because there are 131 scenes in the film.
A bit of movie trivia for a cult indie film that you've never seen.

(Asset creation, motion tracking, object warping/perceptive matching, color correction, film grain matching, rotoscoping, blur matching, shadow creation.)

[Nuke, Photoshop]

Residential Parking Permits Video

Overview of the residential parking permit (RPP) process and technology for Duncan Solutions.
(Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Audio Editing/Production)

[Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator]

Boys & Girls Clubs Navient Interviews

Navient executive interviews highlighting the relationship with The Boys & Girls Clubs of America edited with volunteer footage. Video shown during the Keystone and IPMI conferences. Transcription and hard-coded closed captioning requested.
(Video Editing/Color Grading, Lower Thirds Graphics/Animation, Audio Editing/Production)

[Premiere Pro, After Effects]


Created for the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) conference, outlining the Navient BPO pandemic response.
(Video Editing/Color Grading, Audio Editing/Production)

[Premiere Pro, After Effects]

Frontline HCP Communication During COVID-19 - Webinar

Interviews and discussions hosted by OptimizeRX on the topic of adaptation in Healthcare after COVID 19.
(Motion Graphics/Lower Thirds, Video Editing)

[Premiere Pro, After Effects]

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